The Afghan Kryptonite Heroin

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If you are a drug dealer or a user, you’ll acknowledge the verve of Afghan sourced heroin, it beats all concoction of drugs, Jamaican marijuana soaked in petrol got nothing on it. This is proving to be a problem for the government of Afghanistan where 25% of the population is hooked on opium. On the streets of Kabul, scenes of unconscious men and women lying on the roadside is common. The self-induced comatose is caused by the heroin administered intravenously that subsequently shutdowns the body in-order for the toxin to be processed. Fellow addicts would be spotted carrying colleagues in stupor a shade then inject themselves, the practice iterates until the last man standing who will lay with a needle stuck in his arm. What a waste.

Afghan heroin – plumbing the depths — One of the most popular meeting places for drug addicts in Kabul is located under the bridge that spans the Kabul River. The locals call it just “under the bridge”

– This is the home of the numerous heroin addicts in Kabul –

Destroying the poppy fields would be an economic blow to Afghanistan since the plant (Papaver Somniferum) is also used to manufacture morphine, a medical pain reliever. Like their South American counterparts who chewed the leaves of the coca plant (source of cocaine), natives of Afghanistan chewed the leaves of the poppy plant to numb pain but addition kicked in and rendered them ineffective. The advent of chemical synthesis worsened the situation as extraction of heroin, the active compound in opium became possible and supply of medical syringes abundant. Taliban controls large plantations of poppy plant and export it to fund their terrorism activities. Far from the problems of the Afghan people, as politicians engage in drug trafficking they are funding Taliban and by extension Al-Qaeda that subsequently attack the country.

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