Stereotypes of a Black Male

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Are you Caucasian, Latina, Asian? It doesn’t matter, you have an opinion of what a black man is or is suppose to be. And by black I mean any person with skin pigmentation on the darkest side of the color spectrum regardless of where they call home. In India, there is a tribe referred to as the Sidth who are predominately of black origin but are still considered to be ‘outsiders’. The British Empire brought these families from Africa to work as laborers to India in the 1600s. Since then they have been assimilated to the India culture except the accordance of respect, yeah they belong to the farms.

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If you haven’t noticed a black persons level of acceptance depends on their country of residence. A black man from Jamaica or the Caribbean is less welcomed everywhere unless he is an athlete who runs 100 m in under 9 seconds. If you doubt it when the word Jamaica is mentioned twhat comes to mind is marijuana, then reggae music, then violence, then athletic, ain’t that right? Let try this again. Haiti, poverty, then disaster, then voodoo, then nothing…. Woes onto you if you carry the heavy accent from Jamaica, a police stop in any developed country would turn into a criminal probe. ‘wat a gwan police?’ where you from? ‘Mi na do nutin Mr. Police’. Okay, now show me where you’ve stashed the drugs.

Second in life of black stereotypy are the men calling themselves African-Americans. If have a dad, no prison record, no drugs problems and no illegitimate child then you must be I in a 1000 of the black male in the US. That’s why the US government created a lot of scholarship to encourage people of black origin to get to college, certainly getting to college is usually the least on options in their life choices. Sports come first, them music and for those who can’t make it to the first two end up in porn industry that drool at their ‘gadgets’. Kind of funny that they don’t have rap scholarships, Lil Wayne would be a Dean in the School of Music and Profanities.

The last bunch of interesting black people is the ones who reside in the UK and Africa. The former are rarely considered black, they are cultured and the British society doesn’t segregate them as separate entity. The latter is at the bottom of the pile, he is considered lazy, poor, uncouth, stubborn, violent until you run out of adjectives to describe a bad person. But is worth remembering that the richest black man doesn’t reside in the US, Canada, Australia or UK, he resides in Nigeria (Aliko Dangote) and his net worth is slightly above currently slightly above Mark Zuckerbag.

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