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Airtel Scratch Card Analysis

One of my blog readers Johnson Kamotho sent me data of his Airtel scratch card collection and asked if I could perform a similar analysis to the Safaricom blog post.  I was up to the ask and  opted to apply a couple of techniques I’ve been trying out to reveal the underlying structure of data ...


Breaking Safaricom Scratch Card Code

Almost two years ago, Safaricom Ltd extended the scratch card code from 12 digits to 16 in-order to increase the computational time required to break the code thereby making them more secure. However, system theory acknowledges that systems expose their weaknesses at points of change. I set to find out if the move to higher ...


My Guinness World Record Attempt

Almost a year ago, I undertook an enormous task of collecting and analyzing Safaricom scratch cards. The ordeal saw me collect large amounts of Safaricom scratch cards that fitted in a box, then my thought ran “wow, these cards are too many I may as well enter them for Guinness World Record for the largest ...