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Kenya Consumer Mobile Habits

The Kenyan mobile advertising firm MobiAds released a report on the behavior of users on their flagship mobile app Royalty King. Through their platform, the company tracked 29,940 users to understand their behavioral dynamics while accessing the internet. Here are some of the findings. The favorite time for browsing is between 1pm and 4pm which is ...


Hello Samsung GT-S5300 RIP Huawei u815 IDEOS

Its been almost a year since I owned and used a SmartPhone thanks to the able bodied men along the Thika highway. Now I’m the proud owner of a Samsung GT-S5300 phone, a significant upgrade from the Huawei u815 IDEOS phone that got me ushered into the app world. A quick touch, the phone feels ...


The Joy of a Smartphone

In January, 2011 I took a significant portion of any salary and bought the much hyped Huawei u815 phone retailed by Safaricom. As a rule I don’t subscribe to fads, that fact held true until @Ishuah_ checked into office with the Huawei u815, if you had never used a smartphone before it was truly a ...


The African Mobile Renaissance

Kenya has been christened the ‘Silicon Valley’ of mobile phones, led by the success of money transfer service MPESA and the high growth rate of start-up companies developing mobile phone apps, the innovation wheel keeps turning with monthly mobile app competitions being held at numerous technology hubs in the country. Coupled by the ability to ...