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Go Ye and Write

I never thought I’d make a writer not to mention the least a blogger. Despite devouring two books a week, it never seemed viable I’ll be on the other side of the publishing business. The point of inflection occurred a few years into my university studies, one of the nocturnal activities within the campus involved ...


The Struggle to Remain Relevant

Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Erbarme Dich’ from the score Matthaus Passion is playing in my music system. On the neighbor’s jukebox, Lil Wayne is teaching women how to lick his over-tattooed body.  As I savor the melodious voice of Delphine Galou I get constant interruptions ‘lick me, lick me like a lollipop’. Holy crap! Who even ...


I am no Celebrity

Society loves super heroes, people who set themselves apart from the masses by shear use of brains, muscles or just luck. However, the race to the top is normally murky, you either screw someone or you are screwed, good boys always finish last. Its end justifies the means conundrum where diligent work doesn’t pay it ...


The Curious Case of Mercy Myra

Mercy Myra, one of the ‘successful’ Kenyan female musicians and pioneer of the afro-fusion genre had her stars growing until she was hit by an attitude problem. If you get your news stale, Mercy Myra divorced her 10-year husband and fellow musician Attitude. Well, it is a normal happening but in America where they got ...