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Building a Company

On a quiet evening in December 2010, while walking from Kenyatta University main campus towards Kahawa Wendani (students’ preferred residence), a thought rushed through my mind – I partially remembered a computational trick I read from a recreational mathematics book in High School. A problem, I couldn’t remember the title nor the author – Google ...


Saving the Worst for First: Newspaper Chronicles

I don’t know if you read newspapers but the latest headlines just got me irked if not disgusted. All the gossip, political gruel and damsels gyrating what their mama gave them occupy the front page of the newspapers. Thought provoking and incisive articles are relegated to tiny columns on the side pages engulfed in a miasma of ...


Crawling out of Closed Mind

I must admit, I’ve never been a people person, the nerd in me always calls for introversion and perhaps a callous attitude towards meaningless interactions. Some witty philosophers gave this “defect” a name — the atomistic mindset. A view which sees man not as part of society but rather as an isolated organism of which society is ...


Why I Work for a Start Up

From the onset, I never decided to work for a start-up company, certain conditions channelled my efforts to a start-up company. I may not exhaustively answer the question why, but analyse the subliminal decisions that led me here. One common challenge faced by most start-ups is is cash, cash is king in the start-up business. ...