What Happened to Twitter Verification for Masses

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A while ago, there was a plan by Twitter to introduce the small tick to the masses, just e-mail a scanned copy of your ID and voila, you are now certified to be truly you. I guess Twitter heeded to the arguments of a certain group of tweeps who argued that the move would render the verification badge worthless. I belong to the camp that wants it for the masses, I would love to get verified, we are in the age of personal branding, everyone is trying to make a name in the social media, thats why we get a psychological satisfaction every time we get a retweet. It adds up to a persons social resume, a recent job applicant on a tech firm was turned downed because his klout score was almost nigh. He had to re-work his social media strategy which luckily got him his next job. We can’t discount social media as a mere entertainment tool or information pipeline, it is a CV too.

The crux of the argument lies from the fact that the verification badge was meant for prominent personalities, a mere mortal has no use owning what the high and mighty use for it would make it less desirable to have. I guess #TeamNoBadge want the status quo to prevail so that one day when they climb the social ladder they would have something to show off. I don’t think if everyone owned a Mercedes Benz S-class would devalue the brand, it has properties that by itself makes it valuable. Same to the verification badge, it would still do whatever it was meant to do, to affirm that you are truly who you claim to be. Leave the scarcity as measure of value to commercial commodities, to add to the fact it would be free hence demand-supply principles do not apply to it. So, join me in petitioning Twitter to bring back the verification badge for masses.

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