Why Prayers Never Work

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Have you ever been accosted by a total stranger purported to know you very well? May be you met in an alternate universe where a lot happened but the memory keeps failing you. Then they drop it, we are all brothers in Christ. A moment to digest that, okay read on. A particular sect is notorious for invoking the acquaintance at the doorstep, I guess to witness something.  Brother, I know you got many problems but if you let us in and have a word with the man above, all your problems will fly away, he said. Wow! I wish it were that easy, my problems are overly complex and wishing them away with a wand seems impractical.

Picture this, a scientist sitting in a research lab waiting to discover the cure of HIV. All is set, the experiment procedure all done to book. Just when he is about to make the discovery he prays for the cure to work. Well, there is a problem; if the outcome is positive, will he have discovered a cure for HIV or will the prayer have annihilated the virus. In order for the scientist to have a rational deduction to his experiment, he has to assume prayers never work at all.

Ever heard of the parable of the hummer. Probably not, because I just formulated it from a pal’s story. A Shipping company had a mechanical problem with one of its maiden ships. Several seasoned mechanics and engineers tried to troubleshoot the problem but they could not roar the engine back to life. After several weeks of despair, the management decided to try out some of the aged mechanics who worked with the ship during its inception. Luckily, one person showed up, after a brief description of the problem he pulled a hummer out of his bag went to engine, and gave it a bang, the engine roared. He charged the shipping company $1 for the knock and $99,999 for knowing where you knock. Moral of the story, it does not matter how much prayer lines you rehearse, if you do not know yourself and what you want out of life, nothing will save you, not even salvation.

As a rule of thumb never argue about politics, religion and family, people respond to these topics emotionally and can kill for them. If you value your life zip it, statistics put religion as the highest contributor to historical deaths. So, why do we pray? To hope life get better, if it doesn’t work we pray again. Then what happens when there is no change? Frustration builds up and we take it out on anybody and everybody. Let’s pray someone doesn’t get offended by this blog post.

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