Saving the Worst for First: Newspaper Chronicles

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I don’t know if you read newspapers but the latest headlines just got me irked if not disgusted. All the gossip, political gruel and damsels gyrating what their mama gave them occupy the front page of the newspapers. Thought provoking and incisive articles are relegated to tiny columns on the side pages engulfed in a miasma of advertisement, as if to distract the reader from noticing them. It is as if the editors design them that way as a defense mechanism to use them when grilled about lack of analytical critiques. “Just check on the tenth page between the three adverts, there in small fonts, an article on why theirs is minimal innovation in recent times”. He would reiterate and walk home with his salary intact. “May be you didn’t look keenly for the articles”, he would tease. “If you really wanted to read the incisive piece you would have found it”. I would simply reply, “That would be possible if you placed it next to the photo of the half nude model”.

The newspaper seems to have replaced the billboard of became a miniature billboard. Tonnes of gigantic ads spewed everywhere, in 15 minutes I am done reading it, actually it is not reading rather than peruse. While I understand the need to make profits and sustain the printing business, the editors do not seem to take care of their end of bargain by providing me with something worth reading and not end up feeling conned after purchasing the daily paper. They would say they are simply responding to what the people want, people like entertainment, gossip, laughter and inside scoop on prominent personalities. “Times are already too hard, no one will read the daily if it is filled with reasons why their life is miserable”. Then I guess if a child wants poison, they would hand it to them on a silver platter as long as they make a profit out of it. All business have a responsibilities, including making money for shareholders and providing quality content to their customers. It’s all about striking these two opposing forces.

The matter is graver as the newspapers compete by copying each other. The headlines are all the same boring old man clad in a suit claiming he is the best person to guide the country out of darkness, which he ironically created. The future look gloom on print that’s why I switched to twitter to get informed by fellow citizens who care about a thing or two. All said, tomorrow a million people will still purchase newspapers on their way to work and not even read them, the other million would buy them to pass time as they stare on the pages. The other million would buy them since they make smooth tissue paper after staying on the shelf for six months.

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