Life at the Edge of Chaos

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The Ancient Greek philosopher Zeno postulated that happiness is not a proper goal for humans, when subjected to happiness man does not strive for prosperity he becomes complacent. Well, I concur and Nassim Taleb (author of the best selling philosophical and economic handbook ‘The Black Swan) agrees with the concept too. In his latest book, ‘Anti-fragile: Things that Benefit from Disorder’ he advocates subjecting political, economical, social systems to stress and inevitably learn from them. But it all seems reckless to just jump into anarchy for learning and progress sake, that’s why social scientists studying Chaos Theory have come up with the concept of ‘The Edge of Chaos’, a situation where there is enough personal innovation to keep life vibrant and enough stability to keep life from falling into disorder. A sort of balance providing adequate problems to challenge life and enough enthusiasm to tackle them. What Leibniz referred to as The Balance of Reason.

Life at the edge of chaos can be stressful, while working for Start-up Company I would go for more than 12 hours a day running through operations and at the end of the month have nothing to show of it. It’s only the motivation of doing new, interesting and challenging work that kept us going. Make no mistake, the work saw satisfying for anybody who considered himself/herself to be a nerd, but a balance had to be struck on paying bills and doing interesting work. I think that’s where most of my colleagues were unable to strike the balance, it seems money came first (I don’t dispute the need for money, but using it as the only motivating factor). Exit the edge of chaos and you’ll join the rat race, not necessarily a bad thing but 5 years down the line you might wonder why you work, maybe to just pay the bills and get along with life….a stagnation.

Evolution teaches us a creature or organism that doesn’t evolve soon or later gets extinct, for humans they don’t die, they just become boring, callous, individualistic, materialistic and live with no ideology. Well, I still live at the edge of chaos and intend to be there for as long as it takes. Join the bandwagon or get a life 😉

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