Its My Turn to Peel Back the Mask

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I live an apolitical life, therefore I rarely care about whoever gets elected, but it is a hard living, in a country where most citizens are heavily opinionated about politics and not having a brush on it. Plato once stated that the bad thing about ignoring politics is that you get ruled by people who are inferior to you. While that might be true, democracy only flourishes in country with high literacy rates, a situation lacking in our country. Only 16% of the entire population lives in urban area and of these only 30% are supplied with electricity, a conditional probability would further lower the individuals who can participate in constructive dialogue. We thus end up with a situation of decision making through proxy. It’s like we are taking an exam in which the lecturer never showed up.

We get preoccupied in the binary world of who is right and wrong,the only problem is that it’s hard to be objective about the aforementioned question if you are already a fanatic of the person in question. The odd man hypothesis states that the best person to give an objective analysis of a situation is the one who doesn’t stand to benefit in any of the outcomes, a scenario devoid in our political “dialogues”. Blaise Pascal in his book ‘The Art of Persuasion’ states that “No one is ignorant that there are two avenues by which opinions are received into the soul, which are its two principal powers: the understanding and the will. The more natural is that of the understanding, for we should never consent to any but demonstrated truths; but the more common, though the one contrary to nature, is that of the will; for all men are almost led to believe not of proof, but by attraction.” They say, if you can’t take heat don’t come to Africa, I say if you didn’t read stay of commenting.

I know the reader of this post would like to get my stand on the book, the truth is that I don’t have any, partly because I’m apolitical and partly because I don’t find the book to be a good read. But picking up on what’s being circulated on social media everyone missed the point, the book was meant to be a “memoir”, French for my memories which informs it’s nitpicking nature and lack of objectivity. Now click this here and you’ll thank me later. Bye baby bye.

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