I Doubt Reality

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In the 14th century, South America inhabitants observed a correspondence between that the lunar cycle and the farming seasons. The full moon coincided with the harvesting period and they christened it God of harvest, then a problem occurred. As the moon changed its phase from full moon through gibbous to crescent the locals thought a giant dragon was eating away their harvest deity and in turn every night the whole community would come out and drum up to chase the ‘monster’.  As with the lunar phenomenon, the cycle retraced its phases and came back to full moon after a month. Now, it was the firm belief of this civilization that their constant drumming changed the phase of the moon; we can now sit back and laugh at them given our current knowledge, but remember history repeats itself.

In the event a person steps on a tie and imagine it is a snake, the reaction would be repulsive. The matter gets compounded by the fact that the person never checked back to affirm it is a tie, forever they will narrate their ordeal with the Mr. Serpent. Is that even real? I guess it is a situation of a person fooling himself or herself to fool others. Just like, you should trust no one with a single photo on Facebook never trust a story from a single source, it might be a warped mind at work.

These occurrences are further made interesting by an actuality discovered by psychologists where a group of people can severally lie to themselves until the lie becomes a truth and they cannot remember the truth either. In this state of mind, they would pass a lie detector without an ounce of doubt. They created their own reality and live in it, of course, you have to be schizophrenic to do that but that is beside the point, in this situation, what is real to the person is what they constructed in their mind not what really happened. Just like the movie ‘Identity’ puts it, a person can have up to ten personalities each not aware of the others’ existence and tell different tales of the same person. In case of mess up, blame the other personality.

Reality is relative; whatever we perceive as real sometimes just passes as fantasy of mere belief when subjected to the rigor of thought.  As long as you believe it, it does not matter what other think about it, yes even if promised forty virgins in you commit suicide. A husband on his deathbed confessed to his wife “I had an affair with your friend”, the wife replied, “I know darling, just relax and let the poison work”. Now that’s real.

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