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Society loves super heroes, people who set themselves apart from the masses by shear use of brains, muscles or just luck. However, the race to the top is normally murky, you either screw someone or you are screwed, good boys always finish last. Its end justifies the means conundrum where diligent work doesn’t pay it rather sets you up as a potential threat to the lazy and dumb ones. If the previous statement does not have some truth in it how did Paris Hilton become a ‘celebrity’, she can’t sing, dance or act, as a matter of fact she can’t even produce a good sex tape.

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Game over

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The other day I was watching a TV show host floated a question to his audience, who is a celebrity? The next 10 minutes was filled with numerous answers but one that kept repeated was “a person who has done something worth celebrating”. The host proceeded, in that regard would you consider Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara to be celebrities, ‘”no, no, no” the audience mumbled, “they are just popular but not celebrities” one person answered. So who is a celebrity? “I guess a person who has acquired lots of money,” another person answered. Therefore, you would consider Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to be celebrities. “No, no, no”, as the next respondent would say, “they got no swag”. So once again, who is a celebrity? “A famous person in the entertainment industry with lots of $$$ and is not afraid to flaunt it”. I’ll rephrase it to an entertainer who would do anything to get paid and has a false personality a.k.a swag. I’m no hater just a critic.

Remember the saying luck is when opportunity meets preparedness, well for the purpose of this blog, we will rephrase it, luck is an opportunity to screw somebody. On the literal side of screwing, Lady Gaga slept with a whole bunch of executives in Hollywood to get a chance at fame not to mention Kola Boof the self-proclaimed ex-wife of the master of terror Osama Bin Laden followed suit. She went on a sex spree and finally landed multiple roles in Hollywood blockbuster movies. For the moment, let us call them attention whore, no offense it’s just the business of writing about celebrities. Its like nobody values hard work, “you gotta work smart” to mean we would do absolutely anything to gain fame and fortune. On the contrary, just like good lawyers don’t make good husbands, diligent workers don’t necessarily make entertaining celebrities, sometimes you need the guy with the loose nuts. That’s just the way it is.

Time as come for me to abandon the birds purview and embrace the pragmatic life, I will never make a celebrity; by the way are there any celebrity blogger?

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