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I never thought I’d make a writer not to mention the least a blogger. Despite devouring two books a week, it never seemed viable I’ll be on the other side of the publishing business. The point of inflection occurred a few years into my university studies, one of the nocturnal activities within the campus involved teasing younger female students until it go me into trouble. The resolution was to lose the habit but Mr. @levisdoban jumped in and told me I couldn’t run away from myself, soon enough I’ll be back at it, instead I should find better ways of utilizing my ‘talent’.  “Have you thought of writing down your crazy ideas?” he went on.

Later on that month during the summer holidays I mulled over the thought of writing and finally penned down a comic story, I never knew how format the story, so I resigned to what I was familiar with, theater plays and so wrote in dialogue format. Sharing it with a couple of my friend and they liked it, and from then ran a written dialogue comedy show delivering an episode every week to my friends. The momentum built up and decided to make it a side hustle.

What was I going to do with the scripts piling up in my room? While watching ‘Art Scene’ on KTN, the host Grace Msalame interviewed Mr. @Mr_Mel_Man and Shin who were involved in making Manga comics. Quickly on to Facebook I searched and got them and collaboration ensued, I even took lesson in drawing but couldn’t keep up with the elegance at The Sketch Room and finally resigned to writing. After almost two years on pitching ideas to different local media such as Citizen TV and Black Star Entertainment it occurred that making a career as a creative writer in the country was almost null.  The momentum died off but the skill maintained.

Blogging came in much later, I had no incentive to blog and at that time I was more involved in technology related stuff. At that time, it seemed to me marketing myself as a blogger would water down my geek credential, then it occurred to me I could blog about technology. That did not go down well; anything I wanted to write about was already written by more authoritative writers. After a year of procrastination, I figured out my experiences were unique and thus this blog was born. I’m glad to state a significant portion of my earning come from writing, thanks to this blog.

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