Choice vs Rationality

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What would you like to be in the future? The answer to the question rarely happen world over, would be engineers end up as accountants, would be doctors end up wind up as elevator servicemen and it goes on and on. At the core of it everyone wants to be successful, the only problem is they don’t how to reach there. Author Barry Schwartz attributes it to myriads of choices available in modern times; true to the saying we are sum of our choices. We are pressed by too many questions, I am gay? Should I get married? Do I want children? Moreover, will they interfere with my career? How many children should I have? At what age should I have them? Simple, to be successful follow the path of the notable once, the most important people in human history never bothered to marry, the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and top of the all Jesus. Don’t even bother just say the players prayer and dive in “father forgive me for what I’m about to do, I don’t mean to do it but she’s too hot. Cover me Mr. Condom as I go in, amen”.

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The more choices were are presented with the harder it becomes to make decisions and even if we finally make a decision we feel awful about it, says Barry Schwartz in his book ‘Less is more’. The girl next door who has less desirable features definitely delivers more in other departments, it’s the compensation theory, whatever she lacks in one department she makes up for it in other departments. So, should you go for the fly one or the not-so fly on? It’s the paradox of choice, either way you have something to loose and gain it rests to their availability for coitus. In the caveman era you wouldn’t have to worry about all the modern complexes, as long as she is female is good enough, just hit her with a club then drag her to your lair while unconscious and do your thing. It’s a classical example of less is more, the caveman would squeeze out as much juice as possible while in her stupor, literally.

When it comes to money, nobody makes a choice whether they want it or not, it is a 21st century basic need. Maybe how much of it they want but the insatiable human soul wouldn’t have any of it, the more the better. Morality is the only decelerator to the process of wealth acquisition; it sets the fulcrum for decisions. “Am I moral ?”, “No”, then it jumps to the next instruction set, “I’ll do anything for cash”. The decision tree goes a step lower and list all illegal activities, “which one would like to choose?”, it prompt , “I guess I’ll do drugs for the moment”. The quest to understanding human behavior is similar to studying the universe, not one would fully comprehend why people do what they do, that’s just the way it is as we struggle to rationalize our choices.

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