Do you Speak Mandombe?

Let’s travel back to 1978 in Mbanza-Nguyu,Congo during the peaceful period of the war ravaged country. One man named Wabeladio Payi invented a way of writing which he called ‘Mandombe’ meaning for the black man in Lingala. The first striking feature of this alphabet is that all letters are derived from the shape of 5 ...


Getting Off The Comfort Zone

100 m from where I live there is, for lack of a better word a shanty estate. A strip of informal structures lined up on the bank of an over polluted river stream. For the past six years that I’ve lived in the neighborhood, not in a single day have I set foot in shanty ...


The Danger of A Single Story Philosophy

In 2009, award wining Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a TED talk titled “The Danger of A Single Story”. Her deliberation was on the misrepresentation of Africa by telling one side of a story, the story of civil strife, death and destruction that leads to stereotypes.   Immediately after the TED talk I watched ...


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