Around the Neighbourhood with an IDEOS

To commemorate the loss of my Huawei u815 IDEOS smartphone last year, I’m posting a series of images I captured using the phone’s camera as I explored the neighbourhood. The Ruiru bound train slicing through the spooky area between Mwiki and Dandora. According to the map of Nairobi, this area has no name, it just ...


The Social Media Revolution

Back in 2007 before Facebok and Twitter were household names in the country I was craving for social media interaction, though at that time they word wasn’t coined yet, they were simply referred to as forums or chat rooms, don’t even mention YouTube because we hadn’t discovered fibre yet. One of the challenges that I ...


Guest Speaking at Rotaract Muthaiga

On March 18th, 2012 I gave a talk at Rotaract Muthaiga titled ‘Emerging Trends and Technologies’ on the invitation of @French_Freddy . In a nutshell I took them through the history of jobs/employements, the nature of such jobs and the careers that emerged during the renaissance, industrial revolution and now the information age with emphasis ...


Crawling out of Closed Mind

I must admit, I’ve never been a people person, the nerd in me always calls for introversion and perhaps a callous attitude towards meaningless interactions. Some witty philosophers gave this “defect” a name — the atomistic mindset. A view which sees man not as part of society but rather as an isolated organism of which society is ...


Into The Online Job World

The advent of cheap, fast and reliable internet connections has created a whole new market segment for scouting talents and skills that wasn’t available a decade ago. The era of personal computing, increased freedom and changes in lifestyles has led many global citizens to embrace the online job market. More people now prefer working remotely ...


The African Mobile Renaissance

Kenya has been christened the ‘Silicon Valley’ of mobile phones, led by the success of money transfer service MPESA and the high growth rate of start-up companies developing mobile phone apps, the innovation wheel keeps turning with monthly mobile app competitions being held at numerous technology hubs in the country. Coupled by the ability to ...


Why I Work for a Start Up

From the onset, I never decided to work for a start-up company, certain conditions channelled my efforts to a start-up company. I may not exhaustively answer the question why, but analyse the subliminal decisions that led me here. One common challenge faced by most start-ups is is cash, cash is king in the start-up business. ...


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