Building the Kenyan County Wellness Index

After the formation of 47 counties in August 2010 by the new constitution of Kenya, there was need to rank counties for purposes of resource allocation. The Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA) was mandated to construct the formula for revenue sharing but fell short of what was expected.  Before commencing resource allocation, it is prudent ...


Go Ye and Write

I never thought I’d make a writer not to mention the least a blogger. Despite devouring two books a week, it never seemed viable I’ll be on the other side of the publishing business. The point of inflection occurred a few years into my university studies, one of the nocturnal activities within the campus involved ...


Forex Trading is No Easy Money

So finally I made a career move, to be a currency analyst. I hope my background in data analysis and behavioral economics will come in handy. However, when I let in a few friends on my new venture I got surprising responses, “why do you want to gamble?”, “you are getting into a financial mess”, ...


Losing My Virginity

Back when I was in university it was customary to attend WAPI, a monthly artistic event hosted by the British Council at their offices in Upper Hill, Nairobi. My usual ‘partner in crime’ was @malel and we had a selective routine procedure, first sample the graffiti, check out the clothing designs and end at the ...


Who Taught you English

While watching Sir Charles Njonjo’s (former Kenya Attorney General) interview it struck me just how much the Brits culture had taken root in him. Jeff Koinange, the program host popped a question and asked him “what’s your take on the recent political realignment”, to my astonishment he didn’t answer the question but fired one back ...


Why Prayers Never Work

Have you ever been accosted by a total stranger purported to know you very well? May be you met in an alternate universe where a lot happened but the memory keeps failing you. Then they drop it, we are all brothers in Christ. A moment to digest that, okay read on. A particular sect is ...


The Struggle to Remain Relevant

Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Erbarme Dich’ from the score Matthaus Passion is playing in my music system. On the neighbor’s jukebox, Lil Wayne is teaching women how to lick his over-tattooed body.  As I savor the melodious voice of Delphine Galou I get constant interruptions ‘lick me, lick me like a lollipop’. Holy crap! Who even ...


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