Why Prayers Never Work

Have you ever been accosted by a total stranger purported to know you very well? May be you met in an alternate universe where a lot happened but the memory keeps failing you. Then they drop it, we are all brothers in Christ. A moment to digest that, okay read on. A particular sect is ...


The Struggle to Remain Relevant

Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Erbarme Dich’ from the score Matthaus Passion is playing in my music system. On the neighbor’s jukebox, Lil Wayne is teaching women how to lick his over-tattooed body.  As I savor the melodious voice of Delphine Galou I get constant interruptions ‘lick me, lick me like a lollipop’. Holy crap! Who even ...


Stereotypes of a Black Male

Are you Caucasian, Latina, Asian? It doesn’t matter, you have an opinion of what a black man is or is suppose to be. And by black I mean any person with skin pigmentation on the darkest side of the color spectrum regardless of where they call home. In India, there is a tribe referred to as the ...


Saving the Worst for First: Newspaper Chronicles

I don’t know if you read newspapers but the latest headlines just got me irked if not disgusted. All the gossip, political gruel and damsels gyrating what their mama gave them occupy the front page of the newspapers. Thought provoking and incisive articles are relegated to tiny columns on the side pages engulfed in a miasma of ...


I am no Celebrity

Society loves super heroes, people who set themselves apart from the masses by shear use of brains, muscles or just luck. However, the race to the top is normally murky, you either screw someone or you are screwed, good boys always finish last. Its end justifies the means conundrum where diligent work doesn’t pay it ...


Choice vs Rationality

What would you like to be in the future? The answer to the question rarely happen world over, would be engineers end up as accountants, would be doctors end up wind up as elevator servicemen and it goes on and on. At the core of it everyone wants to be successful, the only problem is ...


I Doubt Reality

In the 14th century, South America inhabitants observed a correspondence between that the lunar cycle and the farming seasons. The full moon coincided with the harvesting period and they christened it God of harvest, then a problem occurred. As the moon changed its phase from full moon through gibbous to crescent the locals thought a ...


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