The Evolution of Kenyan Female Fashion Vloggers

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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” ― Oscar Wilde.

Certainly, this quote hasn’t been more evident than on the Kenyan fashion blog  scene. If there isn’t any truth to the statement, sample the blogs below:

They do bear semblance to each other and more importantly to original website template used by This Is Ess fashion blog. At some point, the experience feels quite the same – not only from the website structure but the content too. It always features a predictable cycle of content – fashion for work, fashion for holiday, casual wear and cosmetics for a particular clothing. In this very saturated and copycat market, a different strategy is required – vlogging.

A subset of the fashion bloggers in Kenya now maintain an active Video-Blog (vlog), mostly on YouTube from whence they extend their brand. I decided to run analysis on this evolutionary process. I narrowed my focus on four Kenyan fashion bloggers whom have been immensely successful on YouTube. These are; Nancie Mwai, Joy Kendi, Kangai Mwiti, and Sharon Mundia (This Is Ess).

To that end, I utilized a little YouTube script in R programming language to capture the meta-data of all videos in their channel – these include; video title, date posted, total views, dislikes, and likes. I proceeded with writing code for extracting features from the video title such as sentiment value, word count, use of capital letters among others. Part of the resultant data is shown below.

Data Captured from YouTube Videos

Data Captured from YouTube Videos

On to the next step, I opted to build a correlation matrix from the features – it shows which variables/features are highly correlated to each other. The digram below is the result of visualizing the correlation matrix. Deep blue indicates high positive correlation and deep brown indicates high negative correlation.

Correlation Matrix of Text Features

Correlation Matrix of Text Features

On close inspection, some of the correlations seem obvious e.g dislikes and likes, total views and likes et cetera. However, there is one negative correlation that caught my attention, it is between the year a video is posted and a variable i built known as language confidence. Language confidence checks the percentage of a text that’s in English. In this scenario, the negative correlation means as year increase the language confidence gets worse (more non English words or poor spelling).

I was fascinated by this observation and decided to do an inspection on the text of the title. At a closer look, I realized that in the first year of all the 4 vloggers had almost standard English on their titles. Then in the second year they’d use the word Vlog for the first time – and since it is not a standard English word, it lowers the language confidence. It get’s even interesting, in the following years, posts graduate to traveling and mentions of areas that not standard English lowers the language confidence score further, i.e

  • Maasai Mara Travels
  • My Travel Diaries Maasai Mara
  • Nancie Mwai – A weekend at Tsavo: Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge

The final incarnation of this evolutionary process is topped up with endorsed products reviews, i.e;

  • Flomar Lipstick Review Deluxe Cashmere | This Is Ess
  • Nancie MwaiBeautyClick Human Hair Review
  • Review: SugarBaby De Luxe Fragrance Trio

There you have it, here’s another template of being a successful fashion vlogger. Begin with posts about yourself (5O Random Facts About Me, 100 Questions No One Ever Asks), then proceed with some travel posts, and finally you’ll get products to review for money 😉

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