Don’t Get Scammed on Betin Kenya Dog Races

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After writing the article on Dog-Race betting obsession in Nairobi, I was contacted by Samuel (not real name) from GREY2K USA – an American institution whose goal is the prohibition of dog racing worldwide. He wanted to know more on certain aspect of dog-race betting in Nairobi including; how many gambling centers there are in Nairobi? Are they all run by Betin Kenya? What are the operating hours? Does Betin Kenya describe where the dog race footage comes from?

It is the last question that got both us in deep reading and researching. While I did not notice any explicit description of the footage place or origin, Samuel did notice the website from whence the Betin Kenya acquires its footage. On running the link, the website no longer existed. Upon further research, he was able to ascertain that the website belonged to the  Coventry Dog Track in the UK which closed official licensed races in 2014 after its owner Harry Finlay went into bankruptcy.

From 2014 onwards, only ‘flapping track’ races were undertaken on the track. This is a sort of amateur dog racing mostly undertaken by locals that attracts no sponsorship hence no live videos. But even the ‘flapping track’ races was closed down in January 2016. We could only draw one conclusion from the these facts – it appears Betin Kenya is using historical footage. 

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) which governs the licensing of greyhound racing in the UK requires that all racing dogs to be registered with a name, ID, owner, and racing history. Samuel, who has access to the database, couldn’t find the name of any of the dogs racing on Betin Kenya video footage. This brought up another supporting theory – the historical video footage had been repurposed by giving each dog a new name and hence allowing for reuse with minimal trace to their past.

If indeed Betin Kenya is using historical and repurposed footage, then a great problem persists – the outcome of the all the races are known in prior. Could they be assigning lower odds to winning dogs and higher ones to the losers in order to make more people bet on the losing dog? I guess we will never know.

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    • Does it that present a problem since someone has access to the footage and can use it to cheat.

      For the person to “win” kshs 500,000 a million others had to lose. In addition, they may create arbitrary winners so that popes believe it’s true.

      • Too me this looks like another piece of sensationalism. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve seen only one betting shop in your life and all of the sudden you are the specialist about the industry, licenses and certificates…

  1. How about betin league bruh, could there be any trick to their software? Can the matches be perfectly predicted consistently?

  2. man this shitty messed up my finances badly. good thing i got to learn a thing or 2 all along. lost all my salary for almost an year giving myself hope of winning the next time and recover my losses. i no longer bet though

  3. Yote ni hali ya shinda ni’kushinde na ni vurugo tuu yaani tuliza mtima na moyo huwe halala usije waha’ngaika.

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