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Capturing Tweets with R

Its been a labor of love trying to capture tweets for analysis via R, for starters R is an open source statistical computing software and perhaps best in its league. Leveraging its prowess in analyzing textual data and in particular tweets is a thing to marvel at, so let’s get on how to setup R ...


What Happened to Twitter Verification for Masses

A while ago, there was a plan by Twitter to introduce the small tick to the masses, just e-mail a scanned copy of your ID and voila, you are now certified to be truly you. I guess Twitter heeded to the arguments of a certain group of tweeps who argued that the move would render ...


I am not a Blogger

People acquire professional titles as they progress in life, Dr, magistrate, e.t.c, but one which I refute to be a professional title is blogger. Just like walking blogging is a means to an end and doesn’t warrant a classification. A person who walks to work is never referred to as a walker, because titles assumed ...


The Social Media Revolution

Back in 2007 before Facebok and Twitter were household names in the country I was craving for social media interaction, though at that time they word wasn’t coined yet, they were simply referred to as forums or chat rooms, don’t even mention YouTube because we hadn’t discovered fibre yet. One of the challenges that I ...