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The Psychology of Personal Space

The place where I was born an area of 50 sq meters housed an estimated 300 families, at an average of five children per family that translates to about three people per square meter. Stretch your arms at 90 degrees to each other imagine sharing that space with three other people, one word chaos. Agree ...


The Culture of The Cultureless

More often than not most Africans and Kenyans in particular elucidate their thoughts as to how North Americans lack a vibrant culture, because to them culture is about rituals, traditional garbs and stringent rules. Oblivious of the dictionary definition of culture, “specifically, the term “culture” in American anthropology had two meanings: (1) the evolved human ...


Its My Turn to Peel Back the Mask

I live an apolitical life, therefore I rarely care about whoever gets elected, but it is a hard living, in a country where most citizens are heavily opinionated about politics and not having a brush on it. Plato once stated that the bad thing about ignoring politics is that you get ruled by people who ...

The Responsible Anarchist

Dear Reader Time has come for you to abandon the birds perspective and embrace the pragmatic mode of life. You have all in your means to change the world, let nobody tell you otherwise, a deed done is better than a deed thought. The greatest means at your disposal is your simple act of defiance ...