Category: Data Analysis

Explaining Causality with Independence Heroes

Does A cause B? That has been a question statisticians and philosophers have been attempting to answer. It is indeed not a trivial task to prove causation between two events. Philosopher David Hume in his 1748 book ‘An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding’ provided an idea to define causation, it was known as The Counterfactual Theory of ...

Is Athletics a Worthwhile Career?

A Kenyan athlete wins about three in 10 career races. Does that translate to a worthy career?    

Emerging Dialects Among Kenyans on Twitter

New ways Kenyans on Twitter are communicating

How People Cheat

Analysis of how participants in an international innovation competition attempted to cheat their way to the prize money.

Kenya's Death Market

The Daily Nation publishes 30 deaths (on average) everyday. In publicly announcing the demise of the dearly departed ones, the bereaved intentions are untold. They may simply be informing relations and acquaintances on the passing of a mate, or myriad of other reasons such as fundraising for medical and funeral costs. Whatever the objectives, these ...

AirBnB: Nairobi vs Kampala

There is an oddity to the tale of Nairobi’s real estate sector. Despite being the largest city in East Africa and a tourist hub, Nairobi trails Kampala in AirBnB occupancy rate. Statistics obtained from AirDNA, an AirBnB data aggregator, shows Nairobi’s occupancy rate is at 38 percent while Kampala’s is at 43 percent. Nairobi has ...

Nudging Kenyans to Geotag Tweets

In Twitter’s opt-in geolocation feature, most Kenyans and by extension the world prefers to geotag only 1% of their tweets. This is a great problem for Twitter applications that hope to ride on its location data. While volunteering for #whatisaroad — a project on mapping potholes in Nairobi via Twitter, a problem arose. The Twitters users who ...