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The Unintended Consequence of Bonga Points

There is no doubt in our minds that bonga points like other loyalty programs is a novelty and contributes towards customer satisfaction and retention. The extent to which only affect micr0-economic factors of a company. However, when Safaricom made bonga points transferable to other subscribers and redeemable phones and computer accessories (elastic goods), they exposed the ...


Forex Trading is No Easy Money

So finally I made a career move, to be a currency analyst. I hope my background in data analysis and behavioral economics will come in handy. However, when I let in a few friends on my new venture I got surprising responses, “why do you want to gamble?”, “you are getting into a financial mess”, ...


Into The Online Job World

The advent of cheap, fast and reliable internet connections has created a whole new market segment for scouting talents and skills that wasn’t available a decade ago. The era of personal computing, increased freedom and changes in lifestyles has led many global citizens to embrace the online job market. More people now prefer working remotely ...


Why I Work for a Start Up

From the onset, I never decided to work for a start-up company, certain conditions channelled my efforts to a start-up company. I may not exhaustively answer the question why, but analyse the subliminal decisions that led me here. One common challenge faced by most start-ups is is cash, cash is king in the start-up business. ...