Funding Doesn’t Make Software Big

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Funding doesn’t make software “big” — selling software doesn’t work the same way selling mandazis does, primarily because the question “what will I do with the money to make my software successful?” does not have an educated answer. If it did, I would have exercised that option a long time ago; I am not devoid of options for securing massive funding — when your software starts getting the kind of attention that Chasys Draw IES has been getting in the west of late, your options tend to many and varied.

You see, people don’t buy software because there’s a billboard somewhere advertizing it — people buy/use software because;

  • It’s what they’re used to, or
  • It’s what everyone is using, or
  • It’s what works with what they have, or
  • They already have it. It sound silly but that is how it is, ask yourself why you use products from Microsoft and Adobe and you’ll see.


For this reason, software grows organically; you write a great piece of software, you put it out there, people adopt it because it serves them well and every update improves it, they talk about it and others try it, glossy magazines review it and popularity grows, more peple adopt it coz it keeps getting better and better, growth becomes exponential and after several years of hard work, the software has a market-share to boast about and the developer can finally make some money out of it.

That is how the Windows, Facebooks, Googles and Photoshops of this world came to be. They started out in someone’s bedroom or dorm-room, grew a massive user community, then went commercial. The people who have tried the mandazi strategy, especially so for software that targets an international user-base, have discovered the hard way that software is not mandazi, that you cannot buy more software-flour, software-oil and software-sufurias and “expand”.

I do, however, accept donations (maintaining that high-bandwidth download website is not cheap), so if you’re feeling sufficiently philanthropic…

-Text Courtesy of John Paul Chacha, Founder of Chasys Draw IES

An interesting analysis on why startups succeed – out of 5 factors funding ranks the least.

[ted id=2272]


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