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Nerdistic Intents with Delusions of Grandeur

Why You Need a Lawyer to Register your Trademark

KIPI receives a myriad of applications for registration of trade marks in a year. Normally, a smooth trade mark registration process takes about  four(4)-six(6) months. The process may however face challenges such as refusal by the Registrar of trade marks or objections of the application by third parties. In such instances, an applicant is allowed ...

Explaining Causality with Independence Heroes

Does A cause B? That has been a question statisticians and philosophers have been attempting to answer. It is indeed not a trivial task to prove causation between two events. Philosopher David Hume in his 1748 book ‘An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding’ provided an idea to define causation, it was known as The Counterfactual Theory of ...

Is Athletics a Worthwhile Career?

A Kenyan athlete wins about three in 10 career races. Does that translate to a worthy career?    

Emerging Dialects Among Kenyans on Twitter

New ways Kenyans on Twitter are communicating

How People Cheat

Analysis of how participants in an international innovation competition attempted to cheat their way to the prize money.

A Working Paper on Kenya’s E-Commerce Sector

The Kenyan e-commerce sector has been a death bed for many startups – both large and small companies have failed in a bid to launch viable online businesses. Google’s Getting Kenyan Businesses Online failed to gain traction, Mocality (an online business directory)lacked a sustainable revenue stream and had to shutdown, Sahara books didn’t have enough ...

Finding The Origin of Kavirondo

In the Beginning During the colonial period, the Luhya and Luo tribes of Kenya were collectively referred as The Kavirondo. The name withstood time and even had an independence movement name (Young Kavirondo Association). If you ask the general public in Kenya the meaning of the word Kavirondo, the common answer would be the Kiswahili ...