Why You Need a Lawyer to Register your Trademark

KIPI receives a myriad of applications for registration of trade marks in a year. Normally, a smooth trade mark registration process takes about  four(4)-six(6) months. The process may however face challenges such as refusal by the Registrar of trade marks or objections of the application by third parties. In such instances, an applicant is allowed to respond to such refusal notices or objections so as to defend their application. During this process, there may be delays in processing the application as all contentious issues have to be resolved or determined to allow registration of a trade mark. Additionally, a registrar may accept an application for registration, albeit with legal conditions. Where such conditions are imposed, an applicant will be required to comply with the conditions to enable successful registration of the trade marks. Due to these challenges the registration process may take longer than statutorily anticipated.


  1. I had no idea that registering a business name is different from a trademark ? Very informative .



    1. Glad you found the article informative



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