Hierarchy of All IEBC Forms

The Election Act 24 of 2011 describes a total of 81 forms for conducting elections in the Republic of Kenya. Infamous among these forms are; Form 34A, 34B, 34C used to transmit Presidential election results. Recent public debates has brought to fore Form 24A  legal use by a candidate in withdrawing from a Presidential election. This led to the question, how many forms exist? Unknown to the general public, ballot papers also constitute the list of “IEBC forms”. They are;

  • Form 25 – County Assembly Ward Election
  • Form 26 – Parliamentary Election
  • Form 27 – County Women Representative Election
  • Form 28 – Senate Election
  • Form 29 – Governor Election
  • Form 30 – Presidential Election

Some of the forms have an alphabet appended to them to indicate specific use or the administrative coverage. Example, Form 37D, 38D, 39D are certificates issued to an elected Governor, Senator,and Woman Representative respectively. To get a complete perspective of all forms and their relations, we compile a dataset of all the forms and their use as shown on the diagram below.

The lection procedure  in Kenya is a lengthy legal affair that requires signing of more than 15 documents for one elective post.  For example,  the Presidential election begins with Form 2 that is signed to declare Presidential elections. Then Form 8 to announce electing a President. This is followed by party primaries aspirant list (Form 11B), then Form 11H for nominated individuals who have to sign Form 15 accepting the nomination and Form 19 to consent to the nomination. The list goes on.

To understand the relation among all these forms we build a hierarchical cluster diagram of all the forms.

Now you can traverse and find all forms relevant for a given position. For tomorrow’s Presidential vote, the clusters has Form 34A, 34B,34C,34D and Form 14. Form 34D is used to announce the winner of the Presidential election and Form 14 is filled to show only one candidate has been declared as President.

  1. Form 41 – statement on rejected ballot papers (completed by presiding officers).



    1. Thank for the addition. Missed on that.



  2. Concise and informative. Really enjoyed going through this. Probably one of your best.



    1. Thank you Victor. Glad you found the article informative.



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