Most Expensive Land in Kenya

What’s the most expensive land in Kenya? You’ve probably guessed it right – it’s in Upper Hill. I scrapped land listings data from,, and to study the relative cost of land in the country. To have a standard measure, I calculated the average cost of an acre of land in different neighborhoods. The diagram below shows ranked land prices.

Comparison of Land Prices in Kenya
Comparison of Land Prices in Kenya


  • Upper Hill still leads in average cost per acre at Kshs. 500 million
  • Nairobi West joins the cluster of high demand commercial areas
  • Cost of land in Lavington is almost the same as Imara Daima
  • Average cost of land in Lamu is the same as Karen
  • Cheapest land in Nairobi is in Ruai at Kshs. 1 million/acre


  1. Judit Serrat Fernández

    Hello! I need information about prices of land in the county of Mombasa, where do you think I could find this? Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. Realty Kenya

    There’s a huge difference between asking and transacting land prices. Volume of transactions is also critical to lending credibility. Lastly you can’t simply compare land prices on their own and say Upperhill is more valuable than Diani: where are the factors that build up the components of residual land value including permitted densities and highest and best use? This analysis is precisely what is wrong with how land is perceived to trade in this region with no understanding of what drives fundamental value. I suspect however the goal to drive traffic to the website for advertising revenue by baiting punters with junk news is more the play.

    1. blackorwa

      Hi Realty Kenya.

      It’s unfortunately that you feel this is a click bait article. That’s not the intended purpose – rather to build a basic land price comparison across different areas. A more comprehensive analysis can be to include some of the good input you’ve highlighted but they do take long to compile all the data. Hence, a much more lightweight article resulted.


  3. PKE

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