Embracing Stupidity

No one has ever made discoveries through the process of rational thinking; our neurons are wired to be non-interesting while we struggle to rationalize decisions. In 1850 French inventor, Eduardo Leon Scott de Martinville designed a machine that used a horn and a stylus modeled on the human ear to pick up vibrations from the air and trace them on paper coated with soot. Back in the 19th century, the concept of remodeling the human ear seemed the stupidest idea but Thomas Edison picked up Eduardo’s concept and developed the first speaker and now we can enjoy recorded music thank to the shear ‘stupidity’ on two people.

Stupidity has greatly benefited science, the most prominent scientists embraced esoteric lifestyles just to keep their curiosity going. Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin both married their cousins, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo had gay partners, Francis Bacon killed prostitutes after sleeping with them, and the list goes on. It seems stupidity kept them at the edge of their creativity, imagination and curiosity. Marie Curie and her husband decided to bask on radiations rays met their premature death, but thanks to them, we know radiation kills. Bravo stupidity!!!

Learning used to be fun while we were young until the boogeyman called Mr. Lecturer stepped into our lives and we could no longer be stupid and experiment, just would just sit and listen. To explore is to be stupid about everything, a sort of perspective that the average person would considered not worth pursuing. When Albert Einstein formulated the Theory of Relativity, only two people could understand the idea, his wife and Max Planck the rest of the academic fraternity described it as fantasy. Well, Einstein had an answer for them, “it is either me or them who are stupid”. We now know who was stupid.

Let me ask a stupid question, if all countries in the world go bankrupt where would the available money have gone? I was hoping a stupid enough economists would pursue the topic and give me a reasonable answer without delving into complex financial calculations. This reminds me of a conversation with a lecturer who happen to be a friend and a ‘stupid’ person too. In his exams setting, the first question he posed to students in the philosophy class was, why the chicken cross the road (5 marks), the second question was, how you would build a 100 storey building (10 marks). I laughed it off knowing he had gone bonkers until he explained it. The answer to the questions determines they level of brain development of a student and the amount of information they have gathered in their life. A structure answer proves more rigidity and less creativity, stupid answers show an alternative thought process rife for creativity. Now you understand why most students will not be able to create the next Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dell…because they are not stupid enough.

  1. This is Hilarious. Well thought out and impressively documented. Bravo bro!



    1. Thank you, just trying to keep the curiosity going.



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