Hello Samsung GT-S5300 RIP Huawei u815 IDEOS

Its been almost a year since I owned and used a SmartPhone thanks to the able bodied men along the Thika highway. Now I’m the proud owner of a Samsung GT-S5300 phone, a significant upgrade from the Huawei u815 IDEOS phone that got me ushered into the app world. A quick touch, the phone feels much lighter, it actually weighs 97.2g vs 102.1 g for the IDEOS phone. Screen size and display resolution are the same, lets just jump to the differences.

Samsung GT-S5300

One of the features that makes Samsung GT-S5300 a major upgrade is the processing power, at 832MHz (the speed of a Pentium 1 computer) it outdoes the IDEOS that stands at 528 MHz. This difference is quite pronounced when streaming or playing back a video, the IDEOS chocks and even overheats while its smooth all the way on the Samsung GT-S5300. Second major upgrade is the internal memory, the IDEOS has a paltry 200 MB. I often had to uninstall apps that could be transferred to the memory card to create space, worse off I couldn’t use Dropbox since the synced files would soon fill up the space. But voila! Samsung GT-S5300 got 3GB and on the flip side it can be used as an USB memory when connected to a computer via USB cable, while the IDEOS can only use the microSD as flash memory.

The IDEOS kicks Samsung GT-S5300 ass when it comes to the camera, at 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels it outdoes the Samsung at 2.0 Mega-pixel 1600×1200. But that a downgrade I could do with given Samsung GT-S5300 is preloaded with Android v2.3.6 (Gingerbread™) a far more interactive and robust platform than Android v2.2 (Froyo). You will notice the difference if  you ever tried editing contacts synced through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on Froyo and Gingerbread. Editing contacts is not possible in the former.

All in all, its nice I’m back to the Smartphone world and back at using Foursquare and blogging via phone.


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