A Mental Trip to Afghanistan

Kabul has to be the most dangerous place to live in in the Eastern hemisphere. Drugs, automatic weapons, sectarian violence and not to forget the mother of them all, religious intolerance. Rocket propelled grenades fly across the city like the Boeing planes from our airports (you may want to read about life expectancy and mortality rates in Afghanistan). If suicide bombing was a substance, Afghanistan would be the chief exporter of this rare commodity. In the streets of Kabul opium has replaced sweets, candy and lollipops, it is more of a staple food. Peddlers operate on shops and it is a common occurrence to see a group of men dead asleep in a lined-up position after falling in deep stupor due to opium injections. Never mind the fact that it is cultivated, processed and distributed by the Taliban.

We all know Afghanistan is a Muslim dominated country, if you don’t pray facing East you’ll have problems communicating with your maker. The radicalism in this society is best analogized by their counterparts in Indonesia. A recent court case had an ‘out-of-court’ settlement, the contention was on the use of the word Allah, in the Bahasa language God is referred to as Allah and when the Christians translated the Bible to the Bahasa language they maintained the name Allah for God (anyway there is no other way of referring to God in Bahasa) . The followers of Mohamed thought Allah should be reserved to their God, and it goes when reason cannot prevail stupidity takes over and churches get burnt. Well, I’ll just go with a comment from Eddy Griffins, screw the messenger, did you get the message?


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