The Joy of a Smartphone

In January, 2011 I took a significant portion of any salary and bought the much hyped Huawei u815 phone retailed by Safaricom. As a rule I don’t subscribe to fads, that fact held true until @Ishuah_ checked into office with the Huawei u815, if you had never used a smartphone before it was truly a wow moment, touch screen, GPS, accelerometer They joy was so over bearing that we caught it on tape.

On the first night with the phone I didn’t sleep, it was an app downloading galore. I remember the next day asking our lead programmer how to set the alarm on the phone because it didn’t seem to have one. He simply answered “there’s an app for that”. Everything was app-fied, then it hit me we can virtually make an app for doing anything and thats how GreenCloud was born, an app that lets you reload phone credit by snapping the scratched card. The following weekend we meet and had a design document [BELOW].

We were set to take over the App world, we would never miss a Mobile Monday meet-up at the iHub where we checked if anybody had an idea close to ours. Though the alliance was short lived and the app never saw light of the day it was one of my most delightful moments in nerdism.

  1. Mr. Black which phone do you own now? Are you still with your first (read smartphone)?



    1. I own a Samsung GT-E1055, it is a feature phone with limited capabilities. I lost the smartphone in a robbery but I used it for a year.



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