Oh! We Have Another Cesaria Evora

I was deeply sudden by the death of the legendary morna singer Cesaria Evora late last year after a long battle with cancer (she smoked alot). She turned the spotlights to the little known Africa nation of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde in Portuguese) as she lulled the audience with her horse yet lucid vocals. Tiempo y Silencio (Time and Silence), Amor Di Mundo (Love of the World), Africa Nossa (Our Africa), Sentimento (Sentiments), Partida (The Departed) were some of her ‘hits’ that were on rewind mode in my playlists. But it like she blew her last breathe into the life on an early thirties Angolan musician, Ritinha Lobo, oh she is good. Take a look at he Jazz re-make of Cesaria’s song Angola.

Contrast it to the morna version of the song.

The barefoot diva as she was known, Cesaria performed without shoes in concerts around the world and Ritinha picked that up too, and crown it all she speaks Portuguese just like Cesaria. It doesn’t get better than this. Hope to grow old as her voice mellows my heart and lull me to bed.


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