My Geek List

Just stumbled on an old forum thread that I created at John Paul Chacha’s Lab, I thought it was worth revisiting. The idea was to select three graphics stunts in movies. Mine are listed below.

–Started by Chris Orwa (amoeba) on Sat, 10th Oct 2009 at 22:33:01. —

1. Digital Reconstruction in the movie Deja Vu, where the
geeks are able to take still photo’s from the past and
recreate what happened in the past in motion.

2. In 24 TV series season 6 where Moss O’Brien creates an
algorithm that can intercept a transmitted stream and
capture pictures in the stream.

3. Independence day, where they had a 2D image and recreated it
to 3D to view what was on the other side of a package.

To top it up, we had to choose the favorite geek in TV shows

-For y’all who like investigative show, whose your best GEEK, for me Marshall Flinkman in Alias does it for me….although i will have to second Moss Obrien in 24. –

—————————- G33K OUT ——————————


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