The Responsible Anarchist

Dear Reader

Time has come for you to abandon the birds perspective and embrace the pragmatic mode of life. You have all in your means to change the world, let nobody tell you otherwise, a deed done is better than a deed thought. The greatest means at your disposal is your simple act of defiance to the system. Others will tell you time is not right, but time is never right, you have to make it right.

They own the television stations, they keep you from hard hitting societal issues, switch it off and start thinking. The act of waiting without any action is futile. In times of struggle those who stay silent are the betrayers. Inform your neighbors and let them inform other neighbors that their collective action will bring the desired change. Beware the bourgeoisie will not like it, tread with care.

Our society can only change if we transform from a class society to a classless society. We are in a constant struggle between the bourgeois and the plebs, the tension is only quelled by the transient silence but one day it will all rupture and it’s paramount you have a stand on that day. Take charge, the modern working class is the progressive force for revolution, the singer, the actor, the teacher, the engineer et cetera.

I don’t doubt the human capacity to transform the world, I’m concerned with the willingness. The accumulation of wealth re-shapes the social system, you have opposing interests with the people who own the means of livelihood. They want to maximize their wealth, we want to maximize the ability to decide on our destiny. I know you have a dream of one day for your generation to lead the population but the world is waiting for you to take the first step.

Yours truly
The Responsible Anarchist

“Anarchy wears two faces, the one to destroy and the one to build” ~ V for Vendetta


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