Guest Speaking at Rotaract Muthaiga

On March 18th, 2012 I gave a talk at Rotaract Muthaiga titled ‘Emerging Trends and Technologies’ on the invitation of @French_Freddy . In a nutshell I took them through the history of jobs/employements, the nature of such jobs and the careers that emerged during the renaissance, industrial revolution and now the information age with emphasis on Data Mining which I did at Doban Africa and Behavioral Economics that I was interested in. Well, I am glad I still have the slides and you check them out below.


View more PowerPoint from chrisorwa

It went quiet well, I made lot’s of acquitances, and loved the Rotaract Muthaiga crew @Kkenita @French_Freddy @Kimathimatic @mwendesusu @IamMugendi @SweetCheeks_M @senoretabale . I also joined a book club from contacts at Rotaract, I’n being tempted to be a registered member of the club, only time will tell. Nothing winds down a week like a meet up of young professional with a mission and purpose. Certainly after my session I was addicted and attended a few other presentations by other speakers. Which reminds me that I need to nominate the lady who takes care of abandoned babies at Kenyatta Hospital for the CNN Heroes award.


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