Why I Work for a Start Up

From the onset, I never decided to work for a start-up company, certain conditions channelled my efforts to a start-up company. I may not exhaustively answer the question why, but analyse the subliminal decisions that led me here. One common challenge faced by most start-ups is is cash, cash is king in the start-up business. Any budding entrepreneur will tell you that you’ll loose great employees to cash and you’d better do anything to secure it. After intense negotiations for months and finally nail the first client, the accompanying feeling is just too great to be simply filled by a payslip at the end of the month. You go from we can do this to we are doing this.

So why do I work for a start-up? A friend once told me that the person who said money can never buy happiness never knew where to shop. Well, I’ll modify his statement, whoever said happiness can never get you money never knew what to do. Start-ups are for the most part an experimenting ground, if you like trying out different stuff then you’ll find a very enjoyable working environment. Meeting are held haphazardly, no formal dress code and there’s an aura filled with passion to give birth to the next big thing.

Would you rather be a CEO who earns Kshs 50,000/= or an accountant who earns Kshs 200,000/=? Hmmmmmmmh, that’s a challenging question but to most people the answer is obvious. The only problem is that accountants are never invited to give talks in events. Part of the start-up culture is pitching ideas/products in competitions, this extends to giving talks on numerous occasions, if you are doing it right there will be a barrage of activities begging your attention. These events present opportunities to meet great people and travel to far destinations.


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