Into The Online Job World

The advent of cheap, fast and reliable internet connections has created a whole new market segment for scouting talents and skills that wasn’t available a decade ago. The era of personal computing, increased freedom and changes in lifestyles has led many global citizens to embrace the online job market. More people now prefer working remotely to escape the hectic office life or to supplement their day jobs. There is an ecosystem in Kahawa Wendani that breeds this jobs and the collective turnover is well above Kshs 1 million, the biggest question is whether it is sustainable. Take a stroll in the area and you’ll be accosted by numerous job adverts WRITERS WANTED.

Numerous sites have sprung up to offer skill based online work or act as an intermediary between contractors and clients. One such site is Odesk, an online platform for hiring freelancers in numerous fields. The site operates through a commission based model, clients post jobs for free and contractors bid, the wining contractor is then charged a 10% fee on the quoted payment. Most of the jobs that are undertaken on the platform are writing and software development. The scaled up version of the website enable project management through operation as a team, this pulls contractors of different skills sets together and always entails multiple hiring.

Other platforms such as Elance and Guru offer the same type of services as Odesk and they are incorporating more features to create job diversity. The most prevalent and lucrative online jobs outside these websites are article writing. Various companies need the services of writers to describe their products and services, this is done through blogging. Blogs are a personal perspective on issues, events or products; it is paramount to establish a writing style that can create a rapport with the audiences and thereby communicating an idea. A simple Google search will lead to various websites that offer article writing jobs.

Counter to article writing is the academic writing, the form that is used in academic establishments such as colleges and universities. Contrary to article writing, academic writing is very specific on the format to be. Clients normally avail the formatting styles and a non-personal approach is taken when writing the papers. This job is best suited for graduates who have an experience on academic writing and websites that offer these jobs usually tests an individual’s competence in academic writing before offering the jobs.


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